“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world, indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”.  Margaret Mead.

It all began in June 2014 at the two-day Resilient Economies conference in Kaitaia. (see video of conference bottom of this page) the conclusion of the conference, a resolution was passed asking the Far North District Council, as lead agency of the Conference, to investigate six things.  They were:

  • To establish Resilient Economy Incubator groups in our communities
  • To introduce a localised exchange mechanism
  • To investigate the feasibility of establishing a credit union in the district
  • To establish a fund to support the formation of co-ops and other forms of social enterprise
  • To investigate blockages to the settlement of Maori land
  • To investigate the feasibility of having water supplies, waste water etc controlled by local social enterprises

The Far North District Council has formed a number of Resilient Economy Groups, under the direction of Ken Ross.  The other resolutions have not progressed due to them not being council’s responsibility or there being no support for this type of work.

Throughout our rohe, many have expressed a strong desire to just get on with it and do something positive to improve the Far North; no longer is there an expectation that someone else will ‘fix it for us’.

The Far North Resilient Communities Charitable Trust is just the start – please join us on the journey.

Resilient Economies Conference Opening Addresses

Resilient Economies Conference Living Sustainably

Resilient Economies Conference Community Enterprise

Resilient Economies Conference Community Enterprise Panel Discussion

Resilient Economies Conference Complimentary Currencies

Resilient Economies Conference Complimentary Currencies Panel Discussion

Resilient Economies Conference Co-operatives