Welcome to Resilient Communities

Lets all work together
27 February 2018

This is the website of FNRCCT (Far North Resilient Communities Charitable Trust).

Community Resilience in the Far North is vital if we are to protect our people and our environment, and the wonderful way of life that we have been able to enjoy in the past.

The current economic climate is slowly sucking our communities dry and turning us into what some term “zombie towns”.  We can no longer sit on our hands waiting for the government, or the councils, to “fix” things.  The solution is in our own hands, and we are in charge of our own destinies. Together we will pick up the pieces and rebuild our communities to become what they once were: thriving towns and villages with people who care for each other, leading meaningful, happy and healthy lives.  Please join with us in this adventurous journey.

Community Resilience is the ability of a community to utilize available resources in a sustainable way in order to respond to and recover from adverse situations.